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Hi there, I am a research scientist specialising in metabolism, inflammation and the biology of ageing.  These are, in fact, interrelated and inseparable and currently a hotbed of research in biology and medicine.  Later in the blog I will discuss how and why metabolism, inflammation and ageing are related and how this is largely attributable to how we evolved.

The fact that our metabolisms are intimately linked to our overall health, how we combat disease and how “healthily” we age brings us exciting new opportunities and strategies to positively influence our health and general well-being by looking after our metabolic health.  Providing scientifically balanced advice on how to achieve this with manageable lifestyle changes is the driving force behind the creation of this web resource.

Even small positive changes in these areas will enhance your life and help you become the YOU that YOU DESERVE.

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John O’Neil Ph.D.

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FREE 3 Week Diet Ebook

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