Intermittent Fasting – How it Works?

This video explains Intermittent Fasting and How It Works

Everything that you need to know about Intermittent Fasting!

The craze of intermittent fasting has gripped the world of fitness and nutrition. But is this a temporary fad that will pass, or the paradigm shifting dietary intervention we’re led to believe?

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That’s quite a bold claim! Just watch this video till the end and you will get a clear-cut answer. I go through the advantages and disadvantages of intermittent fasting (from Med School Insiders @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5J6BfFMZPM&t=17s).

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting refers to eating plans that alternate between fasting and eating periods. There are several approaches to intermittent fasting. But the easiest to achieve is perhaps the one that simply extends the usual night time fast. For intermittent fasting to be safe and effective, it must be combined with balanced meals that provide good nutrition.

Stars like Beyonce and Hugh Jackman have spoken out about following intermittent fasting plans to get in shape. So how does intermittent fasting work? At first glance, intermittent fasting for weight loss (and more importantly “fat loss”) seems pretty counter intuitive.

However, the truth is, intermittent fasting comes with several benefits that makes losing weight much easier to do.

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Evolution and Intermittent Fasting

I have posited that our distant ancestors were hunter gatherers and would eat infrequently, sporadically, and rarely large meals at a time. We therefore evolved to maintain a constant supply of energy to maintain our bodies needs in the stark face of limited and very intermittent fuel input. And evolution made us oh so very good at it! In essence, our energy metabolism evolved to provide constant energy to the body in the absence of constant input of fuel.

Therefore, one theory of why intermittent fasting works so well is because through IF we adopt our bodies most efficient way to utilise energy. Through IF we reprogram our metabolism to use the energy that we take in as food, and store as fat and glycogen, in the most efficient way that our bodies have evolved to achieve. And as a result, we mobilise our excess energy reserves and accumulate less excess weight. We become as efficient as we have evolved to be!

How to do Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

These days is one method better than all the rest? Personal trainer and health coach max Lowry, author of the two meal day and the two more day, says cutting or eating down to just two meals is the simplest and most effective method of intermittent fasting.

And it’s why researchers think intermittent fasting could be the key to a longer, healthier life. There are several different ways to do intermittent fasting, but they are all based on choosing regular time periods to eat and fast.

The Most popular method is the 16:8 system where most importantly you are only eating in an 8 hour window. The easiest way to achieve this is to skip breakfast! Again, watch this video till the end and you will get a clear-cut answer as I go through the advantages and disadvantages of intermittent fasting.

To see more of Metabolism Health’s article on why intermittent fasting works visit the web page below:


For my review (8.8/10) of the phenomenally successful Intermittent Fasting program “14 Day Flat Belly Detox” click the following link below:


For more information from Med School Insiders visit:



People with existing medical conditions, or who are worried about exercising or changing their diet, should consult their physician before embarking on any new level of activity or dietary changes.

From the editor…

I hope you have found this useful and please email with any comments or suggestions.

Remember, even small changes to your normal habits from the list above will have profoundly positive effects on your health and mental well-being. All small positive changes WILL result in you becoming the You that YOU DESERVE.

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  • I run early around 5:30am for about a 2 miles then end my exercises with pushups. I weigh 220 pounds and slightly muscular. How can I do the 16:8 without losing muscle as I’d need to take protein after workouts. I rest every other day so should the intermittent fasting be every other day when I’m not exercising or everyday? Please help!!!

  • Some people fast to lose weight and some do it to “cleanse” their body. It doesn’t matter why you do it, just do it. Been doing it off and on for a year now and never felt better.

  • Teens can fast why not its increased brain function and increase go so why not my brother was fasting for year and he is 16 and he’s look more healthy than me

  • Been fasting for 1 year. Lost 50 pounds gained muscle working out and feel amazing. If you are a muscular guy but want to lose the belly. This is perfect added more Cardio less weights and now i have a 6 pack. I am 39 and feel like i am in my 20’s. The confidence level feels amazing.

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  • I have diabetes but the doctor said it is reversible if lose weight and change my lifestyle. I’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked. I’m going to try this for 30 days and see what happens.

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  • Or run hard for 20 minutes a day 6 days per week and eat whatever you want

  • as someone who is underweight, under 18, and possibly has diabetes/had at some point an ED, I feel called out by the “people who should not try intermittent fasting–” part
    mostly because I did unhealthy fasting and binging for a while as a child (due to my ED)
    like bro I came here cause I wanted to know what it was don’t call me out like that

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  • It says that teens shouldn’t do it… I’m 14 and eat every 23 hours and it’s helping lose weight so I’m gonna keep doing it

  • I went from 226 lb to 165lb at a height of 6″1 in around 3 months while doing intermediate fasting but then again i also did excersise everyday and in the eating period which i set to 3-4:00 i only ate around 1’200 calories which is very little for someone my height

  • I just ate carrots and cucumber for two months. Reduced 8 kg but I had trouble with digestion for 4-5 days after I stopped carrot cucumber diet.

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  • Here’s my issue….i can fast for like 19 hours straight. Once that 19 hours is over, I go crazy.

  • 27/05/2020: Today is my first day doing it. I’m doing the 16:8. I’m 16. I weigh 85.8kg, 185 lbs. wish me luck. I’ll try update weekly.
    So I put the wrong weight. I actually weigh 89.0kg. I update on 03/06/2020
    Well I forgot to update but I’m not really taking it seriously now but I lost around 1.1 kg in a week and I wasn’t eating healthy foods. So I definitely recommend it as well as eating right and exercising.

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  • Eat 2 meals a day, not 3. Breakfast and late lunch/early dinner around 2-3:00. I lost 30 lbs. in one month. We are eating toobmuch damn food and laying horizontal at night with our dinner clogging our intestines instead of being metabolized for nutritional value and energy. You don’t have to starve yourself, just do this.

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    But when I done intermittent fasting I lose 1.5 kg in one week
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  • Started doing this a week and a half ago and already feel great. Haven’t weighed in yet, but clothes are getting looser. It’s more than that, though. I have a LOT more energy and I feel like my brain works again. One thing she didn’t mention is that you will feel hungry. In the first few days that is the HARDEST part. Especially if you’re used to eating when you’re hungry. This takes the most will power. But after a few days to a week, it gets easier. You get used to feeling hungry and it often goes away as well. You have to let yourself get used to that feeling and know that you won’t die from it.

  • Wow. I learned a lot about voice over from this video. It sounded like one 3 min long run-on sentence. It was as if someone wrote this script without any commas or periods. I had to stop the video after each sentence to digest what was being said. But I got it. Thanks for the info.

  • If you’re a stupid potato like me and had to watch this twice this is what she said:

    Food is turned into glucose which we use for energy. Extra energy is stored in the liver and fat. If we fast long enough the body will use the energy stored in the liver and when that runs out we use the fat for energy thus losing weight

  • I use a modified version of 16:8. I fast for 16 hours have one big meal at the end and start fasting again for 16 hours, no need to wait out the rest of the 8 hour eating period as i dont eat any more meals. So basically have one meal every 16 hours… is that still considered intermittent fasting?

  • I’m trying now this intermittent fasting 16:8 but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to drink 0 calorie fluid during the 16 hours😳 could you please explain to me? Thanks😊

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  • It works. I’m doing 20:4 and I lost 7 pound in a week. Also I did do some work out and didn’t eat too heavy when it was time to eat. Just fix your eating habits and IF will help you loose the weight you want. If it’s for weight purposes.

  • I lose .1kg/day with 16/8 IF(10am-6pm) controlling calories to 700cal

  • Oh yeah I had to experience the over eating after fasting a lot. What my body would normally be ok with eating for breakfast would suddenly become too much and I would have stomach cramps for half an hour to an hour. So now I begin with something really small to get my body used to the food and then have my normal breakfast half an hour later

  • When my body is already adjust i cant eat a meal more than i wanted. at the frst place i was craving and after i ate it i cant finish it. Its true that intermittent fasting can make your body light..

  • Why is it not recommend for teens?

  • If you find it hard to fast or painful this might be a sign you’re very toxic. Eat clean foods and ease into fasting. Inform yourself and use discretion. When you have fasted and turned from filthy living and have endured until you are truly clean, you should have a clarity and lightness of body and mind you probably have never experienced. Then your true nature and personallity can shine forth freely through your form, for the window of your earthly life will be no longer muddled with toxins and disease. You shall experience more peace and joy and enthusiasm and wonder for life. Sadly moden society has been set up to toxify your body and mind in almost every way possible, but there is hope for you. You can repent and be healthy in life. It will take time and dicipline. Maybe much time and discipline. Of course no pain no gain. But what will a man trade for his own life? Clean Breathing, Clear Sight, Sound Hearing, Sensitive Feeling, Acute Smelling, Clear Mind, Beautiful Strong Physique, Inner Peace, Wonder, Enthusiasm, Joy, Courage, Power, Connection, Love! For What!? Lust? Entertainment? Taste of Food? Honor of man? Defence of ignorant ideals? Worldly Pleasure and Pride? Love of death. True Foolishness. Fast and pray and eat living clean food until all of your insides are cleansed and renewed and radiate vibrant with the light of life. And your skin and appearance and face will shine also as like unto angels. Repent. Have faith and continue in Holy living. Meditate, pray and fast. Get moderate sunlight and much fresh clean air and water. All diseases and cancers can be cured by holy living and Faith. Baldness can be reversed. Scars can dissapear. Teeth and limbs can be grown. Eyesight can be fully and truly restored. Hearing clean and crisp as streams of living water skipping and dancing. Most are literally sick, deaf and blind and don’t even know it. But you can truly be a Child of Life. As you probably once were, Seek and enter into the Kingdom of True Life. Paradise on earth, inside you, here and now. Have Faith! Faith is the key which unlocks all doors. Faith can create nee worlds. Trust me for you own sake. Get knowledge. Blessed be the one who heeds my instruction and follows, for he shall overcome himself and bring true life and peace and joy and loving power unto himself and all the world willing to receive him. Your heart will live forever. Jesus Christ Lives. He is Lord and King of kings. Your Father is God. I am your brother in truth. We are truth. We are life. We are love. We love you. Peace be with you.

  • I want to do this because i resemble a beaten pear. I want to do this because it can help my self esteem, and I want to actually look somewhat respectable

  • Can we drink water while fasting

  • intermittent fasting fixed my disordered eating. Whilst people with eating disorders shouldn’t do this, fasting helped me personally as I developed eating plans in an organised way with healthy food because I actually looked forward to eating.

  • I’m 20 years old. I was 72kg then I followed intermittent fasting. After 1 month I lost 7kg(now 65kg). I’m so happy…
    (I also reduced carbohydrate intake and almost avoided sugar in drinks)

  • Intermittent fasting is also good for me who is not overweight? I just want be heathy.

  • Is there a best time to have your eating window? Like, is it best to skip breakfast or dinner for best benefits?

  • Anyone starting this on keto, I reccomend doing a week on keto then introduce IF on week 2.
    I did this and I found it easy to do 17hr fasting daily.

  • Teens, dont do it!!!

  • I started intermittent Fasting 2 months ago with a iPhone app called simple… I’m following a diet called the warrior diet where I eat one meal a day within the time 9-12 only breakfast. And I’ve been going on One hour runs. I went from 272 Lbs to 245 and so can you! I’m going to keep going until I hit 200…

  • Jesus fasted and prayed 😀

  • Anyone who is teen and still want to try intermittent fasting 😊

  • I have a bit of confusion now so sm please help me, lets say I do the 16:8 fast. With eating window from 11am to 7pm. So after 7pm till the next 11am there is 16h that makes sense but during the eating window, you can’t everything constantly so if I eat breakfast at 11 and lunch at 3 there is almost 4 hours of fasting again, that makes it 20 hours of fasting, is it supposed to be that way?

  • Excellent results from INTERMITTENT FASTING. lost 1.5kgs in just 6 days…now I’m in 10th day… I’ll check on 14 th day I’m confident of loosing another 2 kgs

  • I’ve been trying different work outs and diets but its not working, with intermittent fasting in two weeks I lose weight and I feel better.

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  • So what if I don’t want to lose weight ? Just want to start living a healthier lifestyle and change my eating habits/diet

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  • I’m a teen, I’ll be fine

  • I’m trying to improve my dancing so I’ve been working out for about a month now and haven’t seen any muscle changes so I think im gotta try this to see if I can slim down some of my top layer of fat.

  • I am just eating one time a day for couple of days

  • Excellent

  • Been doing intermittent fasting for the last 3 months. I’ve lost 24 pounds and I feel amazing. A few notes:
    – I don’t follow a restricted diet. I basically eat what I want. Sometimes I eat healthy, other times I eat junk food.
    – The 16-8 hour period doesn’t have to be fixed. I almost chance it everyday, but when changing it always remember to add to the fasting time not deduct from it.
    – If you want to succeed, just make it a way of life. Don’t over do it for fast results. You don’t need to always eat healthy in your eating window. You can have a burger, chocolate whatever if you crave them.
    – Every week or 2 weeks you find yourself eating outside your eating window. Don’t panic, just start fasting again for 16 hours after your last meal.
    Good luck 🙂

  • I have been fasting my whole life bc of the school, why do i not lose weight?

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  • I’ve done that for almost one month then losed 4kg❤️

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    0:30 path of glucose
    0:46 excess glucose storage
    0:52 effects of fasting on glycogen
    1:11 effects of fasting on fats (adipose tissues)
    1:39 how insulin works and how IF affects insulin levels
    2:16 how IF affects the brain
    2:32 who should not fast
    2:55 types of IF
    3:15 tips for IF

  • Im doing 24 hours fasting with OMAD, little exercise in morning and afternoon. I eat whatever i want sometimes i eat healthy. I lost 2 – 3kg in a week. This is my 4th month of intermittent fasting. And i really happy about it.
    (Sorry my bad english)

  • Why does it feel like I’ve lost only 1-2 kgs/2-4 pounds of weight in 28 days almost a month while every one is loosing so much weight? 😢😢
    I also don’t eat much junk foods , no sugar at all and do Chloe ting workout.

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  • is it advisable to those who have ulcer and more acidic like me? coz when i do fasting my head hurt so much and i feel like to vomit i feel pain in my stomach..

  • I’d like to make a couple of questions:
    1. In the video it is said “one meal per day”: is this applied to all the 3 fasting methods showed? Or, for example, when there’s a 1 day window one can eat all the time(i’m exagerating here)?
    2. How should be time-placed a workout in a fasting regime to be effective and not harmful/deleterious?

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  • my fasting schedule (this is what works for me, might not work for everyone)
    (fast over night and repeat)

  • what will happen if a child/teen does it because im 14 and i desperately wanna loose weight

  • Shit Will Leave You With Excess Skin

  • And ketosis can kill you from toxicity if not done properly.

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  • How can I be sure that I won’t loose from my muscle?

  • So how do you break the fast slowly? I know getting on a routine will take time. Yesterday was my first 16 hours fast and I broke it with fried seafood, oysters on the half shell and lemonade, I certain that wasn’t a healthy way to break my fast, but, I was hungry and its what I was craving🤷🏽‍♀️
    So how should I slowly break my fast

  • i am fasting every one hour

  • Best time to eat morning 4 then 6 then 9 then 12 then 2.30 pm then don’t eat only liquid then morning 4 I lost 7 kgs in 2 months

  • I did this for a month.. I lost a few kg
    But i wanted to lose more…
    So i cut my legs..
    I am down by a wopping 17 kg in a month…
    Ha ha ha ha ah aha ah ah ha

  • Watching from Kenya. Im on my 3rd day on only water without eating not bcoz I’m fasting but coz I’m broke & I’m waiting on some money today.

  • 65kgs-52kgs through intermittent fasting

  • am 18 can I fast?!!!

  • hi everyone. ive watched this video. two weeks ago,,. since 10 days nw. im on this fasting ,,. amazing. iv not weighed myself. because. i want to see the difference in my clothes. all i can say. this is now going to be my lifestyle. my moods and headaches hv stopped. my body has significantly already lost fat. ive seen from my back. where ive had fat pockets. made me cry. now js ten days in ,,. iv lost the fat on my upper shoulders that use to be until under my arms. wow. ,,,. my belly. is down already too. am going to wait another five days. and then try on the clothes that weren’t fitting. all this weight i put on over a year n half of unhealthy eating habbits. junk foods. and lazy lifestyle. i use to gym two years ago and was a neat size 34. n dts my goal. im waiting to wear my clothes again. will update in the next five days. jus want to tell everyone. this is the king 👑 of weight loss. thank u to the producer of this video. bdw. i have a glass or two of chia seeds with water as well.

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  • It works actually but whn u lft u will gain weight 😭😭😭

  • I’m 14 but I’ll still do it

  • Can i drink sugar free coffee during I.F?

  • Can we drink water during 16 hours ( non- eating ) hours?

  • Would this diet be safe for someone with what the doctor is called “fatty liver?”

  • Why not teens???

  • Seems befitting my routine..

  • Thank you for the information

  • Is it best to workout in the final hours of being in the fasted state so that you have a chance to burn as much as possible??

  • If you want to lose weight, just do the same thing I did. Visit website called AgogeDiet and they will provide you with complete diet meal plan for 30 days, training plan and fitness tips. I lost 20kg!!!

  • Doesn’t this cause gastritis?

  • Damn this really works!!! In 10 days I lost 2.5 kgs!!

  • So Jainism was teaching correct intermittent fasting from thousands of years. Great

  • What are the ugly symptoms of fasting & how to deal with them ?

  • Before I’m 90 kilos,but now I’m already 66 kilos bcoz of intermittent feasting

  • Dibateas and pressure person can take

  • greatest showman soundtrack

  • Wonderful information…

  • andertons

  • I got diagnosed with prediabetes few months ago. Someone from a health group told me about intermittent fasting and how it saved her life. Today is my 3rd day, I been fasting for 14 hours and eating in a 10 hours window. I really hope this can help lose weight and lower my blood sugar.

  • I’m a type 1 diabetic and fasting is a life saver for me though.

  • been fasting 40hrs 3x’s a week and going to gym 3x’s a week on feed days

  • I don’t think i can do this
    I go crazy if i haven’t eaten for 5hours

  • i didn’t know i was doing it all my life! My family was poor, we cramped 5 people in a studio flat and we fish for meals. I ate once a day and i do not mind because i abandoned the feel of hunger, i am not underweight but i’ve been 50KG for almost 30 years because of this diet. I drink water only and sometimes coca cola for sugar.

  • I dry fast 3 days straight

  • That’s the problem. My body cannot produce insulin/glucose because I have diabetes.😥

  • Sooo a 14year old can not do IF 16/8? WHHY?

  • I’m doing this cause I have gastritis maybe it will help it heal, can I eat an apple or yougurt while fasting?

  • Teens don’t do this🙄???

  • “I remember using vanguard formulas a year ago and lost 20 plus pounds in about 2 months… The pounds continued to shed a couple of months even after I stopped taking them…I literally had to give away all of my clothes and shop all over again…
    Buuuuuuut…as if with any diet…if you lose weight to fast it will come back sooooooo I enjoyed my new body for less than a year…Didn’t take them again because I didn’t want to be stuck taking them forever knowing that they were powerful…Just sharing my experience with those pills… Weight dropped fast and without any exercise…

  • I really doing this and loss weight 15 kg bt its matter of weigh that its has yoyo effect if you eating and dont fast you can gain weight

  • I’m glad God led me to know how to INTERMENT FAST, I do a 16/8 fast and like my eating time usually around 12 pmTO 8 on weekends and 2 TO 10pm during the week and I am definitely seeing results but I mainly eat just one main meal but I can still eat light healthy snacks in my eating window but I avoid any more meat and definitely water and detox drinks will boost your fat loss more 😊

  • Tyroid tab kazhikkumbol IF cheyyamo pls reply dear

  • This is the teachings of Islam. This is what I was taught when I was learning the teachings of Muhammed peace be up on him. He also taught many scientific recent proven facts on foods and eating mannerisms.

  • One question am I allowed to drink green tea In the fasting time ?

  • The problem is staying motiveted😏😏

  • Hey everyone this really works…like she said if you do it correctly it will benefit you! Starting Sept I was 205 because of quarantine. Now I’m at 175! Eat healthy lots of nutrients & plenty of water & most of all…exercise! Be productive with your body everyday if you can 💯 goodluck to everyone god bless you 🙏🏼

  • What a great nizam of ALLAH SUBHANALLAH Ramzan 1 month naturally intermittent fasting…

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