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Intermittent Fasting: Introduction

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Hi Everyone,

You asked me to share some of my health and fitness routine information. So to make my first “Health” video for you, I wanted to share with you my appreciation and benefits that I find from Intermittent Fasting.

Now I do not do this for weight loss benefits….I do them for emotional, scientific and energetic reasons. And I always listen to my body.

This video won’t be for everyone and I am sure that some will disagree, but I like to be as open, honest and authentic as possible for you.

So I made this with love, for you.

Also, I tried to find the link on the BBC documentary with Michael Mosley, but couldn’t locate it on YouTube. However there are heaps of short clips from the documentary on YouTube.


Transcript of Video

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Now, a lot of people have been asking me how I stay fit and healthy especially you know working full time and having a two and a half year old little boy and two dogs. And before I disclose or share anything, I want to make sure that you know two things. One, I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. I’m not a naturopath and I’m definitely not a personal trainer second thing that you need to know is I have a shocking sweet tooth. I love cupcakes, chocolate, cheese, champagne, pizza, pasta, bring it on! Having said that though I do during the week, Monday to Friday try and be as healthy as possible. Personally, I find if I start the day with a healthy meal.

“I feel good about myself….”

I’ll feel good about myself and I feel inspired and courage to continue on eating healthily. So, I often try and have a green smoothie at some time during the day. I’m having a salad for lunch or some sushi even but just try and keep it as clean as for the majority of the day. So then I don’t need to feel as guilty if I have some chocolate at nighttime. But one thing I’ve for probably more than two years is something called intermittent fasting. Now, for people who don’t know what intermittent fasting is it sounds pretty brutal and cruel but you basically you know stay away eating any consuming food for an extended period of time or you reduce your calorie intake for an extended period of time and that period of time can range between 14 hours all the way up to say 24 hours. Now, I never go that extremely up to 24 hours because I know I just couldn’t cope but I had tried to fast at least once per week if not twice and Normally I can find myself able go for about 18 19 hours before I have my first meal.

“Michael Mosley’s Documentary ….”

I found out about this Style of I guess fasting or a lifestyle habit through I think it’s Michael Mosley’s Documentary, and I’ll include a link below because it’s it is a long documentary, but it’s fascinating and the science behind fasting is actually incredible.  Now the reason why I do fasting actually has nothing do with weight Loss and Yes, I probably am you know a little bit lighter than what I previously was before I did intermittent fasting to just simply cut out or cut down on the processed food.  Now as I mentioned there’s Amazing science behind intimate fasting and there are lots of different styles and techniques as to how you can fast and everyone you know you think you as if you try it and you like it you’ll find your Own unique way that fits in with your routine as to fast.  From fasting your insulin level drops and your human growth hormone Increases which allows your body to repair which is really important it reduces inflammation it improves risk against heart disease, High blood pressure and high cholesterol, or in some studies it reduced the risk of cancer.

“Intermittent fasting improves the growth of Neurons in the brain…”

Intermittent fasting improves the growth of Neurons in the brain. This is probably the main reason. or the main scientific Reason. that I do intermittent fasting because it helps the growth of neurons which reduces the risks of things like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and others of Neurodegenerative diseases that we are coming across every day.  The studies are showing this is increasing at a dramatic rate. These are the ones that will frighten me the most and probably one of my key motivations for doing intermittent fasting. They’re obviously the scientific reasons for considering you know incorporating intermittent fasting in your routine But there are also some personal reasons or I guess you could say some emotional psychological reasons Why you know intermittent fasting might be good for you?

And I can share with you Some of the reasons why I like to do intermittent fasting find when I fast I have so much more energy I Jump out of bed with more energy.

” I actually don’t feel hungry…”

I don’t amazingly I actually don’t feel hungry a huge amount of focus and concentration skills find also that when I’m fasting and when I had my first meal after fasting will be I will lean towards a more healthier meal than rather snacking on like a chocolate bar you know or a fatty muesli bar. You know I make a much more conscious effort on what is the first meal that I’m going to put into my stomach that’s empty after fasting to find that I sleep a lot better. When I’ve been fasting and most importantly I just feel better I feel like my body is recalibrated. You know especially I’ve had you know a weekend full of like restaurant food or processed food if I fast I feel like I recalibrated myself back together again. Now, you want might be wondering like how do I fit in intermittent fasting in my routine and I think the key is if you want to try doing this you’ve got to have it in your routine.

” my routine with intermittent fasting…”

So, that you don’t actually think about it. You just do it. So, my routine with intermittent fasting is I have a very early dinner on Sunday night sort of around five o’clock but no later than 6:00. I then don’t eat anything else other than obviously I make sure I stay hydrated the whole time and you know I’ll make sure I go to bed early. I’ll then wake up in the morning. You know I might go for run if I’m not feeling like it. I won’t depend my energy levels, generally speaking because I’m fasting do actually have more energy than normal I’ll go through a run. I’ll make sure I stay hydrated and then I will generally speaking have my first meal or food around about o’clock by then I’ve probably squeezed in about 14 to 18 hours depending on what exactly what time I finished my last meal For the remainder of the day, I take it easy I don’t gorge because I actually don’t even feel like gorging your stike does actually shrink a lot so you don’t need much food to eat after fasting you feel full quite quickly.

“…I’ll skip breakfast the following day and have my first meal again around that 11 o’clock…”

will then try but not always if I can Incorporate one more day of intermittent fasting and normally, I like to try and make Thursday evening so Rocco, and I will have an early meal together and then I will apply the same principle where and I’ll skip breakfast the following day and have my first meal again around that 11 o’clock or when I feel really hungry and feel like I actually do need to put something something of substance back into my stomach I always listen to my body my voices no, I don’t want to fast. I don’t do it the moment body says that is hungry and wants food. I make sure I feel that need if somebody invites me up to catch up dinner or drinks with friends on especially on Thursday night? completely skip the fasting and of course I go and catch up with my friends. This does not dictate my social life, and I so. I hope you found some interest I’ve got lots more health and fitness tips I’m going to be sharing with you through lifestyle of again.

I want to stress this is not about weight loss intimate fasting it is about living a happier healthier life that’s it for this video. I hope you’ve liked it ciao for now and don’t forget to subscribe. Bye. .

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