Bacon & Cheese McKeto Muffin Recipe

Bacon & Cheese McKeto Muffin Recipe

My quick and easy McKeto Muffin is low carb, high protein, healthy fats, and what’s more is filling and very tasty scrumptious!

The almond flower-based bread only takes as long to make and cook as it takes to grill a few rashers of bacon!

I Love to eat this as my first meal of the day on my 16:8 intermittent fasting diet (around 11am), and it fills me up until lunch time.  This way I get the double whammy benefit of a keto meal with the metabolism-boosting effects of intermittent fasting.

While some people find this quick keto bread a little “egg” tasting, I personally think that this perfectly compliments the flavour of the bacon and cheese, and reminds me of eating a muffin style breakfast from a well-known fast-food chain from where I got the name from (other fast-food providers are available :P).

Below is a step-by-step photo walk through of how to make this yummy McKeto Muffin.



3 tbsp ground almond flower

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

½ tsp baking powder

Pinch of low-sodium salt (Lo-Salt)

1 egg

1 tsp low-carb ketchup

Bacon (grilled) (I use bacon medallions as most of the fat is removed)

Enough mature cheddar, or cheese of your choice!


1)Put ingredients in a bowl

mixing igredients

To a small bowl add the almond flower, baking powder, salt, olive oil, and the cracked egg.

2) Whisk and mix

keto bread batter mix

Whisk or mix vigorously to form a batter (only takes about 10 seconds).

3) Poor into a greased microwave-safe container

keto bread ready to cook

Grease a microwave-safe container with a little olive oil and spatula in the McKeto batter mix.

4) Microwave

cooked keto bread

Microwave on full power for 90 seconds (That’s right….only 90s)!

5) Turn on to a plate

cooked keto muffin bread

Allow to cool for a minute, loosen the bread at the sides using a standard knife (knife and fork), and gently turn out on to a plate.

6) Cut in half

keto muffin cut in half

Cut in half using a bread knife.

7) Toast in a toaster

toasted keto bread muffin

Toast in a toaster on a normal medium toast setting.  Alternatively, lightly grill until golden brown.

8) Assemble with low-carb ketchup, bacon, and melted cheese

bacon cheese and sauce on open keto muffin

9) Eat! Om nom nom 😛

Delicious Bacon & Cheese McKeto Muffin

I hope you enjoy and if you have any yummy recipes to share please feel free to contact me.  I can add them to my growing list of healthy recipes and link to your blog or website 😊

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