“Yoga for physical and emotional well-being; a personal journey” by Lisa Turner.

I attended my first yoga class 7 years ago after reading an article that linked yoga practice to alleviating anxiety and depression. Fast forward to present day and I can honestly say that it is amazing for both the body and mind, and is now becoming so recognised for its benefits that Doctors are beginning to prescribe it alongside medication.

Lisa doing yoga

Long term benefits include more restful sleep, increased joint mobility, increased metabolism, an increase in muscle strength, and larger lung capacity. It is also an exercise which can be modified to suit almost everybody. As with any exercise, it is advisable that you start off by attending yoga classes, to learn the basics and correct alignment, but then it is something which can easily be done at home, outside, or even in the office.

There are different types of Yoga – Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Bikram, to name just a few – although the basic premise of them all is the same, to quieten the mind, connect the body, and teach things to bring into everyday life to enhance your wellbeing. Yoga poses, or Asanas, are what most people associate with the practice although they are just a very small part – Yogic breathing, connecting breath to movement, slowing down the ‘fight or flight’ response during times of stress, and focusing the mind on the breath rather than on the outside environment can all be invaluable in managing anxiety and panic attacks. Asanas which concentrate on balance help with increasing muscle control and focus, and have been proven to almost ‘rewire’ the Neural pathways which naturally degenerate into old age, making falls less likely and also helping ward off Dementia and degenerative decline.

Lisa doing yoga

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Yoga Links

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Disclaimer: People with existing medical conditions, or who are worried about exercising, should consult their physician before embarking on any new level of activity.

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