How Increasing physical activity can reprogram your metabolism and help with weight loss

Weight Loss
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You feel tired, but you know that you haven’t done much work? Maybe you are just run down?

A feeling of a compulsive cravings to eat carbs and food that are not good for your health?

Waking up in the morning contemplating an exercise routine?

Whilst the list piles up, you keep thinking why is it that the extra weight you have been trying to shed just won’t budge?    One of the simplest explanations to all these normal feelings and questions is “metabolism’.

However, because we all have a metabolism, everyone by even small increases in physical activity, can enhance their metabolism for better physical health and mental well-being. 

By becoming more active you will maintain a healthier body weight.

Metabolism and Weight Loss

Metabolism is a term that describes all the chemical reactions in your body.  These chemical reactions keep your body alive and functioning.

Metabolism, in this article, is the process of burning calories in your body (metabolic rate). The rate at which you burn calories is directly proportional to the rate at which you can lose body fat. So when your metabolism is low it creates negative feelings like mood swings, depression, food cravings, which in turn makes it difficult to follow a weight loss routine.

Improving Your Metabolism

This article is designed to nudge you in the right direction by discovering what is right for you in your current situation, with your own natural abilities and medical history. By making a resolution to maintain positive effort your metabolism levels increase, and you will achieve your health and weight loss goals.

Identifying the Key Areas

Two basic steps, both of which involves keeping a journal, are important to boost the body’s metabolism.  

The first step in weight loss is to know about calories intake

Weight Loss
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The first step is to know about calories intake and where those calories come from. How many calories one needs to consume depends on various factors like:

  • Calorie intake (and where those calories come from)
  • The level of daily physical activity
  • Age and Gender
  • Health conditions

Calories intake can be calculated by various online calculators to get a rough estimate or one can opt to follow the alternate; keeping a Journal.

Keeping a food journal for a week or 10 days is an efficient and excellent way to keep a track of what you consume throughout the day. As a result, this will motivate you and you will see the success of your efforts over time. Once this is complete, it’s time to move on to the next step.

The second step is to keep a journal on the physical activity carried out during the day

Use a tracker to monitor the number of steps you are walking per day. Check out how much time is being allocated to physical work if you are confined to the desk all day long. Consult the pyramid below to asses your current level of activity and where to start to make a start on increasing your activity.

weight loss
From https://sites.google.com/a/ircsd.org/pe-k-3/physical-activity-pyramid

Ways to Boost Metabolism

Once you have the journals ready, it’s time for action!

Actions on food journal

Whilst an able nutritionist can help you with diet advice, there are many great apps that will reliably help you get your diet going. These apps will also help you make changes to your regular diet in order to lose body fat.

Actions on Physical Activity Journal

Changing your diet is a major factor in losing weight. However, physical activity is just as important. For example, if you have an outdoor job where you are constantly on your feet, then burning calories will not be a problem. However, losing body fat becomes much harder when you are confined to the desk all day. Let’s dive a little deeper into the topic to know what exactly suits one’s needs.

Physical activities can be broadly classified based on levels of activity:  

  • None: Reading, watching TV/Computer, Meditating, studying, writing and etc., do not involve much of physical activity. All the mentioned activities involve sitting at a place. These activities do not aid in increasing metabolism and may contribute to a slow metabolic rate.   
  • Minor: Activities like standing, taking a leisure stroll, chopping vegetables make up for minor physical activity. These activities neither increase nor decrease the rate of metabolism.   Moderate: Carrying out day to day household chores, walking, climbing stairs, lifting moderately heavy items involves moderate physical activity. These activities will definitely get your heart racing but not to the extent of burning the extra calories. These chores will only help you maintain weight.  
  • Major: Exercising, dancing, cycling, jogging / running, playing outdoor sports are some of the activities to consider for weight loss regime. The choice of major intensity activity is personal as it has to be enjoyable and within your physical abilities. While one can find a specific set of high-intensity workouts to be followed to lose extra fat, care should be taken that it is done under able guidance.

Major Advantages of Physical Activities

Increasing Physical Activity has added general health benefits. When a proper routine is established physical activities, involving major activity, not only help in weight loss but also helps to maintain good physical and mental health. Right now if you are walking the specified number of steps per day, then it’s the right time to consider taking it up a notch to start off with higher intensity workouts. 

From https://www.healthnfitnesshub.com/ten-best-health-advantages-of-exercises/
  • Helps you boost metabolism.
  • The more you spend the calories, more is the calories burnt. When the physical activity is combined with a proper diet, your goal of weight loss and improved health is realised.  
  • Increases Energy in the body: Your body starts looking forward to the part of the day, where it can spend the energy it has stored up. This helps in establishing a routine where the body automatically starts to recognise what to store and what to burn up. 


Once the physical body is well and healthy, mental health also automatically starts to improve.   In fact, boosting our metabolism is not only a great holistic way of achieving a healthy body weight, there are so many general health benefits including greater mental well-being, improved immune system and disease defence, healthier cardiovascular system and blood pressure, to name but a few.

But most of all the bottom line remains the same – Everyone, by even small increases in physical activity, can enhance their metabolism for better physical health and mental well-being. Therefore, almost anyone of any physical ability can become healthier and achieve a healthier body weight by becoming more active.

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People with existing medical conditions, or who are worried about exercising or changing their diet, should consult their physician before embarking on any new level of activity or dietary changes.

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