Intermittent Fasting – How it Works?

Intermittent Fasting

This video explains Intermittent Fasting and How It Works Everything that you need to know about Intermittent Fasting! The craze of intermittent fasting has gripped the world of fitness and nutrition. But is this a temporary fad that will pass, or the paradigm shifting dietary intervention we’re led to believe? For my review (8.8/10) of …

Weight loss What Is ‘Healthy Eating, Anyway?

Today’s question comes from Robert. He’s dealing with a lot of confusion and conflicting emotions around the ideas of weight loss and healthy eating. His doctors and loved ones keep telling him that he needs to lose weight to be healthy, in order to address his high blood pressure. But he’s got a nagging feeling that might not …

15 Minute Weight Loss Review

15 Minute Weight Loss is your ultimate guide to using hypnosis to shed limiting beliefs, thoughts and weight. Studies show that people who do hypnosis lose twice as much weight as those who dieted instead. So, before you think hypnosis is woo-woo and cannot provide you with the results you’re looking for, think again.

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